Bhagwati Hydropower to issue IPO, Siddharth Capital on sales manager

Bhagwati Hydropower Development Company Limited is ready for its initial public offering.

A 25 percent IPO of the paid-up capital will be issued by the company. The company will issue 14 lakh 30 thousand 162 shares of its initial public offering at a nominal price of 100. The general public will receive 8 lakhs 58 thousand 98 units of shares, while the locals who will be impacted by the project will receive 5 lakh 72 thousand 64 shares. Bhagwati Hydropower has hired Siddharth Capital Limited as the IPO Sales Manager. On Poush 16, 2079 B.S, an agreement has been reached between the two businesses.

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On the 16th Poush, Executive Chairman Hari Prasad Pandey on behalf of Bhagwati Hydropower Development Company Limited, and Chandan Karki on behalf of Siddharth Capital signed the agreement at Bhagwati Hydropower Development Company Limited, Suvidha Nagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu.