Big brokers started raising shares, buying more than selling. Has the NEPSE Bull begun?

Big brokers started raising shares, buying more than selling

The data reveals that big brokers are recently acquiring shares in the stock market even though the NEPSE index is rising. Even if the demand increases slightly during a bearish trend, there is typically more selling than buying. When selling pressure enters the market, the overall index declines.

The NEPSE index, however, experienced a decline from its peak of 3200 to 1800 and is currently increasing. According to the index, the NEPSE index increased by 43.20 points to 1965.36 points on Sunday. When the transaction amount is examined after Tihar, both the transaction amount and the NEPSE indicator gradually rise.

There was roughly 70 million rupees turnover on the first trading day following Tihar. It rose to 1.29 billion and 1.46 billion rupees in the following two days, respectively. The trading volume and the NEPSE index fell over the previous week. Still, both grew during the trading session that started on Sunday. The transaction amount has increased to 1.54 billion rupees, and the NEPSE index, which tracks the transaction, has risen 43.20 points to 1965.36. With the rise in NEPSE over the past few working days following Tihar, the business has also been gradually increasing.

As the trading volume rises, the amount of buying shares by the brokers who conduct large transactions exceeds the amount of selling shares. An analyst informed my investment that the major brokers have also gradually begun to enter the market. We looked at the buying and selling volume of 20 brokers who transacted with my investment frequently during Sunday’s trading. Only 8 brokers sold more and bought less, while 12 sold less and bought more.

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On Sunday, NASA Securities, number 58, bought 10 million rupees worth of shares, sold 74 million rupees worth of shares, and traded 17.5 million rupees worth of shares. He has purchased 2 crores, 69 lakh more claims than what he sold. Like this, Vision Securities, at number 34, made a transaction of 145.6 million rupees by buying shares worth 8.5 million rupees and selling shares worth 59.6 million rupees. More shares worth Rs 2 crore 62 lakh have been purchased by Vision than sold.

The number 57 company, Aryatara Investment, and Securities bought shares worth 53.9 million rupees. It sold shares worth 4 million rupees in a trade worth 94 million. The 57th person, Aryatara, has added more shares worth 1337 million rupees. Broker No. 32 Premier Securities has bought 31.11 million more shares than it has sold, and Broker No. 4 Opal Securities has bought 44.49 million more shares overall.

According to the analyst, brokers who transact in high volumes on the market should be aware that rising purchase volume relative to falling sales indicates a rise in market demand for shares. Although there is still a lack of market liquidity, he claimed that the cash in the black market should be viewed as an inflow.