Investment forecast of Scrips for NEPSE


Investment forecast of Scrips for NEPSE

Do you want to invest your money but aren’t sure where to start? We offer several ideas to assist you in better understanding investing and making an informed decision about how to invest your money in NEPSE. After your successful purchase, we will add you to our investment group.

Please read our coverage of services and terms below before you purchase the premium subscription plan.

Coverage of Services:

This Premium subscription plan will enable you to access the following things:

  • This plan will run until the bear period exists in NEPSE.
  • Services are subscribed to every month.
  • Weekly Watch list of at least 3 and at most 5 scrips for investment purposes with high dividend consistency depending upon my econometric and statistical evaluation.
  • Guidance with placing appropriate Stop Loss and Targets.
  • Premium Suggestions and advice.
  • Record of individual traders.
  • Weekly Market fundamental and trend Updates through podcast/ video.
  • Weekly Sector-wise updates through podcast/ video.
  • General fundamental screening file downloads.


Service Fee: Rs. 1000/- Month*

Facilitator: GP Chudal
*No refund will be placed.*
There are members limit for this plan.


You agree to these Terms and Conditions on purchasing the “Investment forecast of Scrips for NEPSE” Plan:

  1.  This is an “Investment forecast of Scrips in NEPSE” plan that means, the scrips will be recommended in a long-term basis (at least until the next bull initiates)
  2. We won’t place orders so that it manipulates the stock market prices.
  3. Screening stocks will be done according to their prospects, company offers, market condition, technicality, and traders’ sentiments.
  4. We won’t accept any manipulative buy and sell calls by any members. If found, we will dismiss the members from the group and our plan without prior notice or warning. (No refund shall be provided)
  5. Membership renewal must be done on the last week of every month. However, 3 days of the grace period will be provided to renew the membership after the date expires.
  6. Thirty days will be counted as one month.
  7. No comments should be made by any members that harm other members’ sentiments.
  8. We do not guarantee any technicality of screened stocks and watch lists. The stock market is subject to financial risk, and you will be solely responsible for the trade decisions.
  9. No compensation shall be made for the loss due to our watch lists, and no rewards will be claimed by Market renovate due to profit from our watch list.
  10. We will analyze the stocks from our watch list, and we might not be able to analyze other stocks recommended by you on time. However, some limited stocks beyond our watch lists might be considered to watch in case of a free schedule.
  11. You agree that you won’t distribute our premium content anywhere without our consent. If found, we will dismiss the member from our group and prevent them from re-entering the group.
  12. You agree to defend harmless ‘Market Renovate’ for any damage done by using our services.
  13. General recommendations on immediate market conditions will be provided in the group.
  14. These terms and conditions are subject to change and might be changed with or without prior notice.


Placing the order of this course means that you have read our terms and Privacy Policy.


Order Placement

Please place the orders after reading our terms and conditions. Your purchase of this plan means you have agreed to our terms and conditions.