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What is NEPSE Live?

NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange Limited) live refers to Nepal’s real-time or current stock market index. The NEPSE index is a measure of the Nepalese stock market’s performance. It is calculated based on the prices of all the listed companies on the Nepal Stock Exchange. The index is widely considered to be the barometer of the Nepalese economy. It is regarded as a benchmark for the performance of the Nepalese stock market.

The NEPSE Live index is calculated by considering the market capitalization of all the listed companies, and the free float method is used for the calculation. It is a weighted index where companies with higher market capitalization significantly impact the index. The base year for the index is 1995, and the base value is 100.
The NEPSE live can be found on various other websites and platforms, such as the Nepal Stock Exchange’s official website. It can also be accessed through Market Renovate. It provides investors and market participants with a quick and easy way to track the performance of the Nepalese stock market in real time.
It is important to note that the NEPSE live reflects the stock market performance and is not an indicator of the overall performance of the Nepalese economy, which is influenced by various other factors, such as the political and socio-economic situation of the country.

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