Upcoming IPO in Nepal of Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited

Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited is going to issue an IPO at a premium

Himalayan Capital Limited, in partnership with Nabil Investment Banking Limited, which has a long history in the securities industry, is offering the most up-to-date services for the sustainable development of the Nepali capital market. The company also represents the real sector, which includes the largest cement producer in western Nepal, Ghorahi Cement Industry, which has 79 employees who signed an agreement to issue 43 lakh shares at a premium price to the IPO.

The premium IPO for Ghorahi Cement will have sales managers from Himalayan Capital and Nabil Investment Banking. Parameshwar Pant, Chief Executive Officer of Himalayan Capital, Manishnarayan Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Nabil Investment Banking, and Aditya Sanghai, Director of Ghorahi Cement Industry, signed the agreement during the signing ceremony.

In the Dang district, Ghorahi Cement Industry, founded in 2064 and began commercial production in 2069 by producing clinker using its own limestone mine, is currently producing cement and clinker using the most recent technology available. The Ghorahi Cement Industry, jointly promoted by the renowned Triveni and Vast Group, is one of the top two industries in Nepal in terms of clinker production capacity and cement production capacity. The Triveni and Vast Group have a long history of cooperating in the development of Nepal and have made significant contributions to its industrialization and business promotion.

The business manufactures and distributes clinker, OPC, and PPC cement in Nepal under the renowned Sagarmatha brand.

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