Upcoming IPO of Chirkhuwa Hydropower Company Ltd

Chirkhuwa Hydropower applied to the Nepal Securities Board to issue an IPO.

Chirkhuwa Hydropower Company Limited has applied to the Nepal Securities Board for a primary share IPO. On the 17th of Kartik, the company submitted an application to the Board for an IPO. The company has asked the Board for permission to issue 1.2 million shares worth 12 million rupees to the general public. Following board approval, the IPO will be given to project-affected locals and the general public. RBB Merchant Banking Limited is the share issue and sales manager.

About Chirkhuwa Hydropower Company Ltd

Run-of-river hydropower plant Upper Chirkhuwa Hydropower Project is situated in Shadananda Municipality, Bhojpur District. The Chirkuwa Khola River’s flow produces electricity at a rate of 4.7 MW. Chirkhwa Hydropower Ltd. developed and owned the plant. On December 16, 2019, Chirkhwa Hydropower Ltd awarded Precise Hydro Engineering and Construction Pvt contract. Ltd for the design, supply, fabrication, transportation, installation, and commissioning of hydro-mechanical works and painting, as well as a guarantee of the supplier’s and transporters’ and Penstock and Gate works.

The scope of work includes Bellmouth, Bend, Saddle Plate, HDEP Sheet, Expansion Joint, Manhole, Bifurcation, Trash rack, Gates, Stop logs, etc., for this prestigious Project of 4.7MW HPP as well as Design, Supply, Fabrication, Transportation, Installation, and Commissioning of Hydro-Mechanical Works & Painting, Erection, Testing, and Commissioning works of spiral pipe supplied and a guarantee of the supplier’s.

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